A Little Bit About Us

photo of robyn and dakota in hawaii

Hey there! We’re Dakota (the writer), Robyn (the lovely illustrator), and of course, Mika (our faithful and ridiculous pooch). We started this site as a way to bring our passion of fruitful finances to friends, family and fellow finance aficionados (whoa, dropping f-bombs in here).

There’s not a whole lot special about us (OK, Mika is a little “special”), but that very thing is what makes our mission special to us. If you’re looking for someone to finally bring a down-to-earth perspective on the world money, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our mission, should you choose to accept it

Over the many years that we’ve been dealing with our money, and learning the secrets to success, we’ve constantly been asking ourselves the same questions.

Who decided that finances had to be so freakin’ boring? What’s the point of using financial jargon when none of us even understand what half of the words mean!? Where the heck do we even begin in all this madness??

Well, it’s time we tear down the wall financial advisers have built and bring a “normal” understanding of money to the rest of the world.

Do you groan every time you look at your bank account? Maybe you recoil and hiss at the word “investing”? Does discussing the finer points of capital gains make you want to spontaneously combust? Then this site is for you (and us, friends, family and everyone in between)!

Join us as we seek to make financing fun, easy and a little (lot) more silly!

illustration of a dog carrying a tennis ballWhat’s a puppy tax?

Everything in finances is subject to a tax in some way, and our blog is no different. By agreeing to view our content you’re subject to the terms and conditions of seeing our adorable pup being ridiculous. Oh no!



We’re not professional advisers or financial experts! We’re just two people who are passionate about finances. Our goal is to help people who struggle with learning how to handle their money. With that in mind, we’re not responsible for what you do with this information. We try our best to provide good, truthful and accurate information, numbers and examples, but that doesn’t mean there wont be mistakes.

If you decide to act on the information provided here, the consequences fall on you. We always recommend you talk to a real financial expert before doing anything crazy, like investing your entire 401(k) into Dogecoin.