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Roth IRA Withdrawal Rules for 2019

illustration of a birthday cake showing retirement, surrounded by sacks of money.

Roth IRA’s are all the rage now-days – and 2019 is showing no sign of slowing down. With that in mind, it’s important to know the key points of having a Roth IRA. In particular, how a Roth IRA withdrawal works and what exactly…

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What the Heck Is a 401(k)?

illustration of a piggy bank

You’ve undoubtedly heard it many times, “Invest in your 401(k), or you’ll regret it!”. Well, they’re definitely not wrong. But we don’t tend to want to do something if we don’t know what it is, or how it works. So let’s dive into the…

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How Does Compound Interest Work?

illustration of a wizard

Learn about the magic of compound interest and the importance of saving for retirement. There’s no better time to start investing than right now!

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