All About Tax Credits

illustration of a car

Ah, tax credits, how we love thee. Though they’re often difficult to qualify for, credits are the best out of the three tax benefits (exemptions, deductions and credits). It’s important to know what, if any, credits you might qualify for. This is the final…

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All About Tax Deductions

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Deductions and exemptions, two tasty tax peas in a pod. Getting as many deductions as possible is essentially winning at the game of life taxes. As the dawn of the new era of tax reform is finally upon us, we’re going to see a…

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All About Tax Exemptions

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We’re going to continue our merry ride through tax season by celebrating a few of our favorite things. Those being exemptions, deductions and credits. Boy, you know you’re getting old when those 3 words sound like a sweet canary singing on a crisp spring…

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What Is a Dependent?

illustration of a baby

It’s almost that magical time of year again, full of hot chocolate, snowmen and tasty treats. Oh, were you thinking Christmas? Ho Ho, oh no, not so lucky! We’re talking tax season. Woohoo!? I know, I know, everyone hates taxes. But, much like the…

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What the Heck Is a Credit Score?

illustration of a meter going up representing credit score

Your credit score is important, but exactly how important and why? Learn the what do’s and how to’s with your credit score, and everything else in between!

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What the Heck Is a 401(k)?

illustration of a piggy bank

You’ve undoubtedly heard it many times, “Invest in your 401(k), or you’ll regret it!”. Well, they’re definitely not wrong. But we don’t tend to want to do something if we don’t know what it is, or how it works. So let’s dive into the…

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How Does Compound Interest Work?

illustration of a wizard

Learn about the magic of compound interest and the importance of saving for retirement. There’s no better time to start investing than right now!

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How We Live (Mostly) Debt Free

illustration of a house

Take a dive and learn how to live a (mostly) debt free life. Stop slogging through boring finance books, it’s time we made finances fun, and easy, for once!

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The Best Types of Credit Cards

illustration of a cash back credit card

Learn what the best cards are, what to avoid, and some hopefully helpful wisdom when using a credit card! (here’s a hint: be responsible)

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How To Budget Money on a Low Income

illustration of a blueprint

You need an awesome budget, and we’re here to make it easy! Get started – TODAY – with our step-by-step guide on how to make a successful budget.

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