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What The Heck Is Tax Withholding?

illustration of a hand holding cash

If there’s one thing we can all unite under in this great big world, it’s that we hate taxes. With good reason too, as our tax code has rapidly grown to an insane 6,550 pages of legal mumbo-jumbo. It’s not just our tax code…

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A Beginner’s Guide To Filing Taxes in 2019

illustration of a calendar showing april 15th

Welcome to the exciting world of being an adult – paying bills, going to the doctor, and filing taxes! With the official start date of tax season beginning January 28th, it’s time to start thinking about your taxes! If that made you violently ill, don’t…

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All About Tax Exemptions

illustration of a goat

We’re going to continue our merry ride through tax season by celebrating a few of our favorite things. Those being exemptions, deductions and credits. Boy, you know you’re getting old when those 3 words sound like a sweet canary singing on a crisp spring…

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