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10 Ways to Save Electricity at Home

illustration of a fireplace

Want to save more money? The best place to start is your energy bill. The average American spends around $112 a month on energy. Not to mention if you own a home, it’s likely going to be closer to $200. Now, I’m not going…

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5 Tips For Moving Out

Do you enjoy moving? Probably not! Moving can be daunting, frustrating, stressful, time consuming, and worst of all, expensive! That being said, it doesn’t have to be all bad. On the contrary, moving to a new home (after the pain of actually moving your…

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How We Live (Mostly) Debt Free

illustration of a house

Take a dive and learn how to live a (mostly) debt free life. Stop slogging through boring finance books, it’s time we made finances fun, and easy, for once!

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